Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

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Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).



US $999.00

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base)


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Download. Import. Customize.

Export. Stay up to date, all the time.

SDL Network Viewer allows immediate downloads of FCC data ASR data, FCC Part 101 data and on-line communications site developers site lists.

Each database can be downloaded and customized according to design dictates.

No worry downloading. The databases are downloaded unzipped without user intervention. Dedicated schema files are written to allow for instant querying.

Spatial Datalyst

FCC ASR and Part 101 Databases

Take the tedium and guesswork out of the FCC databases using Network Viewer's built-in query engine.

Spatial Datalyst

SDL NV automatically builds extensive database from ASR and Part 101 FCC data with all the fields you need.

ASR database currently has 291655 rows and 32 fields or columns.

Super fast query engine downloads MW Paths database (FCC Part 101) in 3:58 which currently has 621126 rows and 40 fields or columns.

No paging! All data is available to be scanned and reviewed to help with analysis.

Industry-Standard Link Lists

SDL NV imports industry-standard link list.

Link lists are rows of data that completely describe the path including both sites and common atmospheric data.

Link lists have many column (upwards of 160) and because they are so extensive they might be difficult to query and organize. But NOT with SDL NV!

All columns are imported and displayed for immediate filtering or sorting.

Spatial Datalyst

Industry-standard Frequency Coordination Reports

Spatial Datalyst

Frequency Coordination reports are also compliant with industry standards and FC Reports can be used in coordination with other databases to see custom design data and FCC data all on one map.

FC Reports can contain very large data sets if necessary limited only by the operating system constraints.

Link lists and FC Reports are indispensable for FCC frequency coordination and SDL NV makes their review simple and painless.

Generic Databases

SDL NV not only works with the industry standard databases you would expect but also custom databases or your own design.

The Generic Import tool is capable of query a standard Excel-based file for its schema tables and then displaying to the operator a user-selectable choice of which tab to import.

This offers extreme flexibility of use while maintaining a complete visual representation of the dataset.

The Generic dataset differs from the standard datasets in that the query engine has no knowledge of its column structure but the FilterPalette feature allows for field mapping so that exports are still customizable.

Spatial Datalyst

Complete ULS Query Import, Customize, Export

Spatial Datalyst

Anyone who has ever worked with a direct ULS (Universal Licensing System) query knows the frustration of dealing with one large file of data containing many tables and no schema file to help build the dataset.

SDL NV takes all of the tedium out of the ULS query effort by reading the file, building the tables and creating a customized schema file for use in querying the dataset.

The column structure is the same as the FCC Part 101 dataset so all filtering, querying and exporting are available without hindrance.

Six Levels of User-Selectable Column Filtering

Filter on any column name in the database.

Pick a clause, a value and/or an operator and build filters of any complexity.

Recognizing that strict column filtering may not be enough, band filtering is also available for those databases that have frequencies.

Filters can be copied to the clipboard and then reused over and over with the Roll Your OWN (RYO) feature. Simply build the filter to your liking or paste one from a previous use and Go!

Spatial Datalyst

Two Types of Perimeter Filtering

Perimeter filters may take one of two forms:

Spatial Datalyst

Location/Radius Based Bounding Box

For location based filtering simply select a latitude and longitude and the distance requirement and the result set will include only those entities that meet the requirement.

Alternatively, enter a latitude minimum or maximum and a longitude minimum or maximum and only the entities meeting requirements will be selected.

Extensive Symbology Editor

Site Colors, Site Icons and Path Colors are all user-selectable allowing for a great degree of customization over multiple databases. Use one color of path for one frequency band and one for another.

Choose site colors based on filter structure type.

Complete control over Site Balloon and Path Balloon data.

Save KMLs with 2D or 3D path designs.

Spatial Datalyst

Generic Database Field Mapper

When importing a Generic Database the column naming is not known to the query engine.

Spatial Datalyst

The Field Mapper allows for critical fields to be mapped so that even custom databases can be correctly plotted on a KML.

Additionally, generic databases may have known column structures similar to an existing database type. In this case the field mapping can be selected to be the same as another known database.

Six Level Custom Sorter

Sort on multiple levels.

Just like a spreadsheet program, SDL Network Viewer can be sorted on as many as six different levels. Each column name can be sorted on.

Each level can be independently ascending or descending.

Spatial Datalyst

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Let SDL Network Viewer show you the way. No more tedious data manipulations. Telecom Data really seen for the first time.

Super fast query engine. Manage multiple databases at one time. Output each using different symbology.

SDL Network Viewer allows for extensive filtering and sorting. Let the data work for you.

Works with publicly available data using unique query engine. Add your own custom data too.

Built for the Telecom Design specialist. Dedicated to reducing development time and improving design quality.

Numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.


Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer is your new Telecom Design partner. It simplifies the query process for large telecom datasets, helps you keep them organized, and presents you numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.

  • Keep all your databases at your finger tips
  • Real time database update any time you want
  • Symbolize your data with extensive export editor
  • Export your network content to KML, CSV and pipe-delimited
  • Combine different database content to create unique maps and datasets

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).

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