Every Site Acquisition professional has his own bag of tricks developed over the decades that allow for markets to be addressed with optimal efficiency and minimum of hassle but many times it just boils down to knowing where to go and who to call. Now with SDL NV the information from publicly available databases are at your disposal.

In fact, private databases can be imported too. SDL NV has a Generic Database Importer that can import any existing Excel file or CSV file. The FilterPalette also has a Field Mapper tool that allows the user to specify key information like latitude, longitude and elevation data. The complete symbology editor can be employed to customize any data.

The Site Aq specialists can now combine home grown information with databases that have traditionally been difficult to work with. The result: More information, quicker.


Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer is your new Telecom Design partner. It simplifies the query process for large telecom datasets, helps you keep them organized, and presents you numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.

  • Keep all your databases at your finger tips
  • Real time database update any time you want
  • Symbolize your data with extensive export editor
  • Export your network content to KML, CSV and pipe-delimited
  • Combine different database content to create unique maps and datasets

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).

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