Develop Your Sales Plan

SDL Network Viewer can be a tremendous aid in developing a comprehensive Sales Plan when it comes to understanding the installed base of Tower Property managers, location of Registered Structures and the scope and depth of any customer (called an entity in FCC and SDL jargon).

Product Use Data

Product data can be filtered and exported based on manufacturer, frequency band, location, entity name and more. Export to CSV and then use your favorite tool to summarize and display the data. Look for SDL to employ a family of analysis tools in future releases.

The screenshot shown displays all non null Transmitter Make rows in the FCC MW Paths database.

Carrier Location Data

OEMs can easily find where their products are installed and where their competitors products are installed. Filter on Transmitter Make and/or Model or Antenna Make and or Model and instantly see where products are installed. No more guessing. The FCC will tell where the products are.

The screen shot below shows a filtered database on AT&T and the associated latitudes and longitudes with each path. Note that each line represents a single frequency and as such paths may look duplicated when in fact there are different frequencies per line.


Find Your Competition

Use the Perimeter Search tool to limit locations of towers, and service providers networks to within a certain location and distance. Filter on competitors name and export to KML.

The result is a map of competitors location within a certain territory.


Learn Customer Details

Instantly acquire entity data in the Database Viewer or export to KML and populate KML Site and Path Balloons to show numerous customer attributes like contact, contact email, contact phone number.



Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer is your new Telecom Design partner. It simplifies the query process for large telecom datasets, helps you keep them organized, and presents you numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.

  • Keep all your databases at your finger tips
  • Real time database update any time you want
  • Symbolize your data with extensive export editor
  • Export your network content to KML, CSV and pipe-delimited
  • Combine different database content to create unique maps and datasets

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).

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