When used in combination with other network design tools Spatial Datalyst's Network Viewer has been shown to greatly reduce overall design and thereby time-to-market efficiencies are obtained as well. While every design environment and every project offers unique challenges the scope and breadth of SDL NV allows for easy partitioning of the work. Design intervals have been cut in half with SDL NV and even greater economies evolve over time as the user gleans more insight with experience.

Reduce Design Completion Time

It is Friday afternoon and the phone rings at 3:00. It is Chuck from Sales and he has finally gotten a chance to discuss his biggest customers needs. He is frantic and says he absolutely has to have an initial design concept in place for the new family of microwave radios that takes into account maximum reuse of the customers existing network. There is only one problem, the individual that Chuck is dealing with does not have the details.

Ordinarily, this would be a disaster but not with SDL NV. The MW Network Design engineer downloads the MW Paths database in minutes and filters on customer name (FRN) and has an overview of the network. Then competitors are identified and existing product locations are marked. SDL NV allows for the import of Customer-Specific data (Generic Database) as well so that any existing information can be incorporated. Maps of relevant material are created and a good first showing is achieved – all before the day is over.

Sounds too good to be true. Try it for a test drive today and see how SDL NV can help you.


Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer is your new Telecom Design partner. It simplifies the query process for large telecom datasets, helps you keep them organized, and presents you numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.

  • Keep all your databases at your finger tips
  • Real time database update any time you want
  • Symbolize your data with extensive export editor
  • Export your network content to KML, CSV and pipe-delimited
  • Combine different database content to create unique maps and datasets

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).

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