Something New in the Fixed Point to Point Microwave Path Design World! Do you design fixed microwave paths? Do you trouble shoot interference into existing links? Do you need to know if a microwave system could be installed in a given area? If the answer is yes, you need to try a new software product, SDL Network Viewer.

Complete Visibility

SDL Network Viewer gives you complete visibility of all the technical parameters of every existing FCC licensed microwave radio path in the United States – and that data can be updated with the click of a mouse! You simply have to experience this product to fully appreciate what it can do to help you with your microwave path design or trouble shooting: Path Google Earth KMLs, frequencies, powers, path lengths, equipment types, antenna and tower heights – the data list is exhaustive.

If you are interested in whether or not a microwave path is possible in a given area, you really owe it to yourself to take a look at this product before you do another microwave path design.

Author: George Kizer


"Digital Microwave Communication, Handbook of Microwave Technology (Volume Two, chapter 16), Microwave Communication Vice President, National Spectrum Management Association Wiley IEEE Press Series Editor, RF and Microwave"

George Kizer


Develop Your Sales Plan. SDL Network Viewer can be a tremendous aid in developing a comprehensive Sales Plan when it comes to understanding the installed base of Tower Property managers, location of Registered Structures and the scope and depth of any customer (called an entity in FCC and SDL jargon).

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The key to effective marketing is in managing data. SDL NV is the best telecom data manager on the market when it comes to knowing who, what and where. SDL NV draws upon public data from the FCC with both its Antenna Registration Database and Microwave – 47 CFR Parts 74 and 101, and 3650 – 3700 MHz database.

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Whether it be greenfield or brownfield designs SDL Network Viewer saves time during the customer engagement, initial design, desktop design and final design. SDL Network Viewer allows for such a comprehensive overview of all of the data elements that come into play in a MW network design that its use will also greatly simplify and possibly even eliminate field surveys in some cases.

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When used in combination with other network design tools Spatial Datalyst’s Network Viewer has been shown to greatly reduce overall design and thereby time-to-market efficiencies are obtained as well. While every design environment and every project offers unique challenges the scope and breadth of SDL NV allows for easy partitioning of the work.

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Product Line

Every PLM has to struggle with data. The where's, how many and who's are everywhere but in todays world we have too much data but not enough information. Without specific tools that are designed to address the issues the PLM results the old tried and true methods that he has always used, namely his spreadsheets, his customers spreadsheets, his buddy's spreadsheets and uh yes the guy that came before him spreadsheets.

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Site Acquisition

Every Site Acquisition professional has his own bag of tricks developed over the decades that allow for markets to be addressed with optimal efficiency and minimum of hassle but many times it just boils down to knowing where to go and who to call. Now with SDL NV the information from publicly available databases are at your disposal.

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Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer

Telecom Data Revisualized

Spatial Datalyst Network Viewer is your new Telecom Design partner. It simplifies the query process for large telecom datasets, helps you keep them organized, and presents you numerous choices for displaying and exporting your critical design data.

  • Keep all your databases at your finger tips
  • Real time database update any time you want
  • Symbolize your data with extensive export editor
  • Export your network content to KML, CSV and pipe-delimited
  • Combine different database content to create unique maps and datasets

Windows 10, 2007, 8.1 and XP (32-bit for maximum utilization of installed base).

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